Wrinkles and The Dynamics of Aging


Wrinkles and The Dynamics of Aging

Life is truly a thing of wonder. Every day brings new surprises, new possibilities, and new opportunities for making oneself afresh. Each moment we live presents a myriad of options for adventure, and a thousand thousand different ways to bring new experiences and sensations into our days. One thing, however, remains constant: with each moment that passes, we continue to age. For the majority of us, this is something which has no shortage of benefits alongside the more obvious negatives. As we grow older, we grow in other ways, too. Our wisdom never ceases to expand, and our advancing days bring with them new ways to make the most of life.

However, alongside the clear advantages that come with aging, the way each passing year manifests itself upon our faces is generally considered somewhat less advantageous. To find a way of balancing the wisdom of aging and the beauty in growing older alongside the purity, radiance, and glow of youthfulness and vitality… that's the ideal we should all aim for, and that's the ideal that CHRISTIAN BERLIN has at its core.

Fine lines and wrinkles don't have to be a fact of life, or something we should simply submit to. However, in order to overcome them, and in order to build upon our own natural beauty, it helps to understand what wrinkles are, what categories they fall into, and what causes these lines upon our face. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at the key types of wrinkles, and consider how we can maintain a youthful visage even as time marches inevitably onwards.

Understanding Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Crepe-like skin around the eyes. Cross-hatches of lines on the cheekbones. Frown lines, crow's feet, creases on the forehead and around the lips… wrinkles form in many ways, and are the result of a mixture of biological, hereditary, environmental, and behavioural factors. Some are often welcome, in a sense; they can add character and distinction to the face, and signify a life lived well. Others, however, are less welcome, or may appear too severe, arrive too soon, or possess the ability to decrease the vitality and freshness of a visage.

In order to understand wrinkles, it must first be established that not all lines on the face are created equal. Advanced skincare products like IRIS by Christian Berlin have been carefully and studiously formulated, to tackle the dynamics within the skin which can lead to wrinkles of all types. However, to make the most of the beauty science and cutting-edge technology that products like IRIS utilise, we must first separate wrinkles into three distinct categories, each caused by different factors, and each tackled by different ingredients and aspects of a performative elixir.

The Effects of Time and Gravity

Our bodies change quite radically as we age, and while the effects may not be instantly visible or obvious, the aging process begins perhaps much earlier than many of us realise. Indeed, the elasticity and vitality of the skin first begins to fade in one's mid 20's, meaning it really is never too early to start taking steps to avoid the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Countless scientific studies into the dermal layers and the cell activity in the skin of the face have confirmed a handful of clear facts: As we grow older, cell division in the skin of the face (which is, after all, the part of our body which remains continuously exposed to the elements) slows down quite significantly. This slowing of cell division and renewal causes the inner layer of skin to grow thinner and more delicate, making it prone to damage, folding, and creasing. The principal cause of wrinkle formation in this regard, however, is that all important loss of elasticity; the youthful 'bounce' of the skin we all possessed in our younger years.

This reduction in elasticity and cell division is the leading cause for certain types of wrinkles; namely those which form at the corners of the eyes, the folds of the neck and jaw, and in the lines which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Over time, the results of these creases 'settle in' to the skin and become very difficult to reverse, due to the gradual pull of gravity on the face. Indeed, the only non-surgical way to effectively tackle these issues is with products which work in harmony with the body's natural methods for increasing cell activity and energisation, and for increasing the elasticity of the skin itself. Collagen-rich IRIS, which also features hyaluronic acid and CoQ10, has been meticulously designed with this very issue at the fore of its creation.

Lines of Expression and Mirth

Your skin holds many secrets, and many, many incredible properties. It also possesses a memory; it tracks and retains the muscular memory of each smile, each frown, each burst of laughter, or expression of fury. These emotions manifest themselves on the face, and by a very young age, they become habitual actions, repeated countless times throughout our lives. As such, these habitual facial movements become part of the structure of our skin, and lines and creases form around our ways of expressing our feelings.

Because facial movements are repeated habitually, the lines they form eventually deepen and become permanent. However, that doesn't mean they cannot be reduced and smoothed; by increasing the skin's elasticity, these lines - even deep ones - can be reduced visibly, and by boosting cellular energy, the wrinkles can be lessened in their severity.

UV and Photo-Aging

The damage to the skin caused by UV rays and sun exposure is as well-known as it is well documented. Indeed, recent studies have suggested that photo-aging caused by solar radiation is up to 80% more damaging and visibly noticeable than natural skin aging, or wrinkles caused by the previous points made. As such, reduced exposure to direct sunlight is an important aspect of retaining youth and vitality… no matter how tempting those moments basking in the sunshine might be!

Overexposure to UV rays cause damage by altering the skin's underlying structure, and it has the most visible results in sun-prone areas, mainly the cheeks and forehead, and around the neck. Scientists are only very recently gaining a deeper understanding of how and why the sun can have such a devastating effect on how the skin loses vitality; recent discoveries have found that extra-long wavelengths (infra-red, especially) can reduce collagen production and retention in the skin cells, which may be a leading factor in this. Again, collagen-boosting products such as IRIS seem to be the key to repairing sun damage, while avoidance of direct UV radiation would be, in this case, the most effective way to reduce these types of wrinkles appearing in the first place.

Achieve Smooth, Radiant Skin with Christian Berlin

IRIS by CHRISTIAN BERLIN isn't purely an elixir aimed at reducing the appearance and occurence of wrinkles; it's a meticulously engineered skincare product designed to reduce lines while also boosting the vitality of the face, and allowing one's natural beauty to radiate from the inside out. However, at the core of IRIS is a powerhouse of potent and effective ingredients, including collagen, CoQ10, and hyaluronic acid, each of which works with the body's natural rhythms and chemical syntheses, in order to achieve stunning and youthful results.


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