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CHRISTIAN BERLIN®: The Future is Flawless

“In the beginning, we just wanted to create a product that our friends supported and benefited from”. – CHRISTIAN BERLIN®

Inspired by the latest innovations in skincare, and driven by bringing together the timelessness of luxury with the dynamism of a new generation seeking confidence in flawless skin, CHRISTIAN BERLIN® has become the last word in effective, lasting rejuvenation and beauty. The passion project of self-made industry entrepreneur Christian Schütte, CHRISTIAN BERLIN® is the result of expansive market research, tireless experimentation, and an exploration of how to bring indulgent skincare into the 21st century, for those seeking a brand to relate to, and which reflects their requirements alongside their lifestyles.

Global Expertise Meets a Bold Approach to Skincare

CEO and founder of CHRISTIAN BERLIN®, Christian Schütte, built an impressive network of clients across several high-end industries, who proved instrumental during the beginning stages of the brand. After conversing extensively with friends, clients, and acquaintances on their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with the skincare options available on the market, one concept became abundantly clear: today’s younger generation of women felt excluded from the luxury skincare scene, which primarily revolved around anti-aging products for older customers.

Furthermore, women of all ages were expressing interest in a product that worked from the inside out, and approached beauty from a more holistic angle. There was, it seemed, a powerful demand for a fresh, dynamic, cool, and on-trend reimagining of what luxury skincare could and should be; a brand which combined the quality of high-end products, with a message, a formulation, and a youthfulness that spoke and related to a growing audience of savvier, more independent and style-conscious women.

Approaching Beauty from the Inside Out

From those conversations, the seed of what was to become CHRISTIAN BERLIN® was sown. Christian set to work reaching out to his international network of industry professionals, seeking out the expertise he needed to put together his first run of innovative yet timeless beauty products. The vision was clear: to firstly formulate a skincare elixir that rejuvenated, beautified, and instilled confidence, and to secondly dream up a brand which walked the line between utmost luxury and youthful energy. Through utilising the skills and visions of those all-important industry contacts, IRIS was born; a drinkable elixir enriched with natural collagen, CoQ10, and hyaluronic acid, which worked from the inside out to promote beautiful, youthful, and radiant skin.

At first, IRIS was shared among friends, colleagues, and women in Christian’s global network, ranging from skincare influencers and brand associates, to female members of various Formula One teams. Their feedback and positive reviews provided the driving force behind the honing, fine-tuning, and development of the elixir and the IRIS serum which followed, as well as the growing concept of the CHRISTIAN BERLIN® brand. Before long, the results which IRIS brought about made one thing crystal clear: that CHRISTIAN BERLIN® deserved and merited a global audience, and bore the potential to become an international brand capable of taking the skincare rituals of 21st century women to new heights of excellence. Imbued with ambition, and bolstered by an effective formulation and branding which set out a new message of contemporary skincare, CHRISTIAN BERLIN® was launched.

Through combining the attention to detail that sits at the core of the luxury industries, with an artful savoir faire, a dedication to excellence, and a commitment to innovation, CHRISTIAN BERLIN® is bringing indulgent and audacious skincare to a new generation; those seeking the confidence that goes hand in hand with beautiful skin.



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INGREDIENTS: Water, agave syrup, collagen hydrolysate (pork), natural flavouring strawberry, acidifier: citric acid; ascorbic acid, sodium, hyaluronic acid, acerola extract, zinc gluconat, preservatives: potassium sorbate; manganese gluconat, ubichinone, nicotinamide, curcuma extract, alpha-tocopherol acetate, folic acid, sodium selenite, biotine, methylcobalamine