Exploring the Artistry and Allure of The Eyes


Exploring the Artistry and Allure of The Eyes

Few things, if anything at all, have the limitless power of beauty of the human gaze. With its remarkable impact, pinpoint accuracy, and ability to transmit seemingly endless arrays of meaning and emotion, it truly is the mirror of the soul as recorded by countless poets. Whether encountered via the deft hands of artists or in the imcomparability of situ, the gaze truly possesses an overwhelming power and influence. However, alongside such power, there undeniably exists a need for great and consistent care, a fragility, and the necessity for beauty regimes composed with meticulous attention. The eyes, and the gaze they impart, require nothing short of love.

Quite why the eye are requires such specific attention, and such a ritualised, delicate, and cautious approach comes down to a whole number of factors, and the reality of the extremely delicate nature of the skin around the eyes themselves. With a beauty regime based upon products with a genuine commitment to excellence, and which utilise the twin wonders of science and nature at their core, these mirrors to soul can and will retain their sparkle, their miraculous nature, and their impactive brilliance.

The Female Gaze: Artistic Inspiration and Divine Power

The eyes of women - complete with all their mystique and sense of wonder - has been a repeated trope of art history, with many of the greatest masters depicting these centres of beguilement and seduction, capturing them in oils on canvas. Perhaps the most famous example of all is Mona Lisa; in her eyes, we swim in the essence of feminine expression, hazy with something that sits between mirth and knowingness, and layered with countless veils of complex emotion. Da Vinci wasn't alone in his obsession with the feminine gaze, but rather one of many Renaissance artists who saw the eyes as so much more than the sum of their parts, painting them with the quintessence of light and shade. For such masters, the gentlest of touches was essential when it came to beautifying the eyes, foreshadowing a knowledge that this part of the face required the most delicate attention.

Later centuries in art history offered bolder images of the feminine gaze. Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt painted their muses and models with eyes which meet our own and challenge the viewer, showing themselves not as ethereal beings placed on unreachable pedastels, but rather as achingly real and rounded woman. In their eyes, we see brushstrokes of joy, tragedy, uncomfortable modesty and celebratory sexuality; in essence, all that makes these women human beings in full possession of their own agency. Klimt, Schiele, and their contemporaries were the most modern of Secession artists, and they paved pathways for self-analysing female artists and self-portraitists of the 20th century and beyond; those who strove to reclaim the impact of their gaze as their own and who set their sights, quite literally, on challenging, confronting, and redefining the art world as a whole.

To understand beauty, and to truly comprehend the beguiling power of the female gaze, one can see the world through the eyes of the women who portray it afresh. Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, Tracy Emin and many other artists use the impact of eyes and portraiture to allow glimses into their interior worlds, utilising the feminine visage to communicate personal depths, elation, and struggle. With this artistic trope showing no signs of slowing, one thing is for sure: centuries may pass and artistry marches onwards, yet it's clear that the female gaze still has so very much to impart.

The Astounding Mobility of Eyes

It should come as no real surprise that the skin around the eyes requires so much care and attention; after all, the eye contour is phenomenally mobile, and undergoes almost constant and continuous miniscule contractions. Even during the deepest stages of sleep, the delicate muscles beneath the fine skin on this part of the face remain in movement, relaxing and contracting several times per second. We rely on this muscular actions considerably more than we realise. Not only do they play a key part in protecting our vision, they are also responsible for relaying our moods, and expressing the broad and varied cavalcade of human emotion. One slightest movement one way or another, and thousands of unspoken words are expressed. Through their widening and narrowing, through winking and blinking, via longing stares or momentary glances, the windows of the soul are laid bare, and hopes, wishes, and desires are sent out into the world.

It is this constant movement in such a fragile facial contour that results in a meticulous need for care. This becomes even clearer when one realises that, due to the fact that this part of the body is the most exposed to the elements, the eyes are disproportionately agressed by the outside world. Most significantly, they are in danger of harm caused by UV rays, airborn pollutants, and screen damage caused by our fixation to mobile phones and computers… and this represents only the tip of a sizeable iceberg when it comes to factors which can potentially have a negative impact on our eyes. Such factors are only exacerbated by the very nature of modern life - indeed, contemporary living has made it harder than ever, and thus more vital than ever, to protect and preserve the eye are in order to retain its beauty and allure.

CHRISTIAN BERLIN and the Science of Skincare

It is a curious fact that, although our always-on lifestyle has triggered a flurry of research into skincare rituals that benefit the eye contour, knowledge of the importance of eyecare is something which stretches back through the centuries. The upper echalons of many ancient cultures, most notably the Ancient Greeks, were well aware of the importance of skincare for the eyes; hydrating ointments and moisturising unguents were curated to combat dryness in the eye area, with the added benefit of heightening the expressiveness and youthfulness of the female gaze.

We may know considerably more today of the science that goes into creating skincare products which soften and nourish, and which provide even the most delicate skin with radiance and bounce, yet the need to enrich the eye counter with precious and potent ingredients remains as timeless as ever. IRIS, the innovative elixir from CHRISTIAN BERLIN, has been designed to help enhance the inner glow of the skin on the face, and utilises hyaluronic acid, collagen, and CoQ10; all powerful natural ingredients which moisturise, heal, protect, and enhance the skin's beautiful radiance. In this essence, and in many others, CHRISTIAN BERLIN is continuing the work of the ancients, and luxuriating in an artistry that spans the eras.


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